Art Classes / Workshops

The Artsy Fartsy Studio - The Artsy Fartsy studio is an art school in Yuma that focuses on painting for all ages. They teach you how to paint landscapes, make abstract art, make a canvas come to life, and have fun while doing so, no matter what age you are. - Yuma, AZ

College Prep / Education

Computer / Technical Training

Coupons / Discounts

Dance / Studios

Jete Dance Studio - Jete Dance Academy is a dream come true dance class. It was created with the purpose of forming dancers, choreographers and teachers in all levels and ages through teaching the art of body expression with a professional team composed of teachers highly trained in their field. Their program includes Ballet, Latin Rhythm, Jazz, Hip-Hop and more. They are located in Imperial County. - Imperial County

Daycare / Preschool / Childcare

United Families Inc - As a state funded non profit with over 120 employees, it is the goal of United Families Inc. to provide each child with the opportunity to learn, grow, and succeed. They are a service located throughout the imperial county area, including; el centro, brawley, calexico, calipria, and salton city. They also have infant centers in Calexico, Calipatria, El Centro. - El Centro

Fitness / Sports Training

Crossfit Imperial Valley - Crossfit Imperial Valley is a fitness gym in Imperial County. They offer many activities that is scaled or modified for the individual, depending on their fitness experience and capacity. - Imperial County


Firestorm Gymnastics - Firestorm Gymnastics is a gymnastic class in Imperial County. They offer classes for ages 1 and up. Your first class is always FREE! Rec. & Competitive classes, Open Gym, Birthday Parties, Private Lessons & much more!. Their services includes Recreational Gymnastic, Competitive Gymnastic, Trumbling Classes and many more. - Imperial County

Language Training / Foreign Languages

Martial Arts / Karate Lessons

El Centro Self Defense - El Centro Self Defense is a martial arts teaching school that specializes in weapons, defenseive, and offensive training. They focus on Eskrima, Amrican Kenpo, Dumog, Jin Shin Jyutsu, jiu jitsu, kung fu, and judo. They provide many classes for all age and skill levels. - El Centro

Music Classes / Lessons

Puretone Music Shop - Puretone is a locally owned and operated music store that sells all kinds of music equipment from guitars to orchestra equipment. They have the best products at great prices. They also provide one on one lessons in bass, cello, violin, and viola for $125 a month with four one on one sessions. - El Centro

Online Shopping / Nationwide Delivery

Photo Workshops

Schools / Private Academies

Imagine Imperial Valley - Imagine Imperial Valley is a locally owned and operated private school that strives to provide their students with the best academic education in a culturally inclusive and diverse environment. Their curriculum goes beyond just the general state requirements and is centered around each learner. It includes authentic activities that actually teach concepts. - El Centro

Summer Camps

Tutoring / Test Preparation

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